Project Meeting

Project Meeting in the Netherlands:
23.09.2018 - 29.09.2018

Here you can see the program.

Here’s the link to our local newspaper in which they talk about the mobility.

Prepared lesson for the meeting:

Monday, 24.09.2018

Today all participants of the Dutch mobility had been welcomed by pupils of the school singing Heal the world, a song which tells the story of love for human kind, after that the headmaster of the school, Mr. Groot welcomed all delegations. He emphasized the importance of European partnerships. The mayor of the region “De Waadhoeke”also welcomed the delegations and wished them all a very pleasant stay in this flat country and he also emphasized the importance of getting to know and understanding people from European oountries. Students form different countries presented themselves and the world they live in and how they experience it. They told us about their region, their school and the sights to be seen. Then,  Dutch students showed the school to the students from the partnerschools.

After lunch all delegations were welcomed by Mr. van Zuijlen. The students were treated on a citytour and the teachers were informed on the region of Friesland , its official language and in particular the history of Franeker. The Martenamuseum with its library and the history of former professors who educated at Franeker University.

Students and teachers met again at the Franeker planetarium, the oldest still working planetarium in the world. After learning all about planets and time, students and teachers gathered to share a cup of coffee before going home.

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Tuesday, 25.09.2018

Today all delegations went to Amsterdam. In order to emphasize our theme; social inclusion, war and migration/ digital empathy,  we visited the Anne Frank house. All students were very much impressed and we think that the theme social inclusion made more sense.

Our cultural goal was to show : De Dam, The Royal Palace, the canals and of course the windmills. All goals have been realized.

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Wednesday, 26.09.2018

Students gathered to work on their common scratch story. Mr. Lautenbach gave a workshop on scratch and then students worked together on a story in which they brought togerher two worlds. A Dutch world and the world from one of the participating countries. Dutch students worked together with their hostchild. After lunch the students were introduced to the Frisian sport of Kaatsen and visited its museum. After the kaatsclinic and the museum, students went back to their host families.

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Thursday, 27.09.2018

Today students and teachers were introduced to Frisian cultures. Frisians spend a lot of time in, on, and around the water, so we went to Eernewoude where all delegations were introduced to a Frisian sailingship, to sailing on a Frisian lake and the history of the Skutsje ( a Frisian cargoship) Students had also the opportunity to go canoeing and supping. We all spent a beautiful day on the water because we also had beautiful weather.

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Friday, 28.09.2018

Today, students attended lessons of Frisian and music. Frisian is the second official language in the Netherlands and only spoken in the Northern part of the Netherlands, in the province of Friesland. After the break students presented their story in scratch. The students’ contributions were amazing.

Then, after a week of hard work, of getting to know the Netherlands, its people, we came to an end, so all participants were thanked because of their contributions by Mrs. Voogd. The certificates of attendance were handed out and we ended this fantastic week  in which we contributed to social inclusion and empathy by singing: HEAL THE WORLD.

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