2017 - September

Turkey registered the project on e-twinning. Teachers and students in the project teams joined e-twinning.

“QUESTIONNAIRES” of every country were created to getting to know each other. You can see the results in the countries.

2017 - October

A common project website and an Erasmus+ link was created by Germany. Each country's school created a link to the website from their own school’s website. The website includes the stages of the project, the flags of the partner countries, the project logo, and the Erasmus+ logo.

2017 - November

First transnational project meeting was in Poland. The project stages, products and results, experiences, new skills and acquirements will be shared.

Here's the link to the local online tv channel that showed a report from theTransnational Project Meeting held in school in November 2017:

Spain won the logo and slogan competition. You can see the winner logo on the homepage.

blog logo Erasmus 1blog letter Erasmus

2018 - April

Meeting in Germany: 08.04. - 14.04.18. "Digital - Literacy" - Short term exchanges of groups of pupils.

Here you can see the program for adults and the program for pupils in Lindau.

Germany: In the newspaper you can read this article.

Our working results you can see here.

2018 - September

Meeting in the Netherlands: 23.09. - 29.09.18 "Scratch-Workshop: Social Inclusion"

Here you can see the program.

Our working results you can see here.

Scratch Video (Youtube)

Here’s the link to our local newspaper in which they talk about the mobility.

2018 - November

Meeting in Portugal: 13.11. - 17.11.18

Here you can see the program.

Here you can read an article in the local newspaper.

Here you can see the Calendar 2019 Project Erasmus+

2019 - April

Meeting in Spain: 31.3. - 6.4.19

Here you can see the program.

Video Speaking up for peace, against war and discrimination

Here you can read about the project meeting in Malaga:

2019 - May

Meeting in Italy: 14.5. -18.5.19

Here you can see the program.

Here you can read an article in the local newspaper.

Evaluation Grafic

Here you can read abut the evaluation Erasmus+

in Spain

and Final




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